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Our priorities and principles:

An innovative approach to problem solving

Innovation is an integral part of our policy and it starts with culture and mentality.

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High requirements for their activities

We operate on the principles of openness, honesty, innovation, collaboration and balance between life and work.

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Our investment approach

Since its inception, RCE Banque has always strived to build strong partnerships in all areas of its activities.

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Effective solutions for a secure future

RCE Banque offers a carefully thought out and reliable approach to responsible investing in accordance with the needs of our clients. As a global asset manager, we have responsibilities that go beyond short-term financial gain. We are able to make a difference in a much broader context, channeling capital into work, positively influencing society to move towards a more sustainable future.

Responsible investment

Our history

Investment Fund RCE Banque strives to become a company providing investment and financial services of the highest quality, offering high quality service and the best financial instruments.

Who are we Our investment approach Our history

Benefits of managing the transition with RCE Banque.

We provide unprecedented transition management benefits.
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We use methods of quantitative asset management, which allows us to focus on market relations, portfolio structure.

RCE Banque specialists have sufficient experience and knowledge to help clients manage their risks and maintain the value of their investments.

We have developed our own approach to cooperation with investors. It is based on transparency, alignment of interests and maximum efficiency gains, taking into account risks.

RCE Banque, as an investment manager, provides full fiduciary oversight that fully meets the needs of our clients.

We cooperate with several platforms at once, which provides access to liquidity for both buying and selling

We have no undisclosed sources of income - we are completely transparent to our clients and partners.

Trade and Execution with RCE Banque

We know how important it is to combine reliable performance with a win-win investment strategy. Our experienced team of traders offers flexible, customer-focused solutions using the latest technology advances to find liquidity pools. They reduce transaction costs and manage risk.

Trading and execution