Our team has earned the trust of customers and partners, and has gained prestige in the market, using its global scale, industry experience and diverse knowledge to provide the best solutions and create the most effective tools.

In every aspect of our business, we focus on creating long-term value for all stakeholders by building trusting partnerships, leveraging deep industry expertise and expanding our global reach.

As an industry leader, RCE Banque experts have developed a formula for success that allows you to effectively use financial instruments in every project. The combination of our global reach, industry expertise, and diversity of ideas ensures that we maintain a competitive edge and guarantee the best solutions.

RCE Banque uses negative screens and portfolio exemptions in line with client objectives, such as excluding companies involved in the production of hazardous products or fossil fuels. Constraint decisions are the starting point in defining the initial investment space for our strategies. Constraint criteria often deal with widely discussed topics and are central to determining the direction for investment.

For every investment, we take a holistic approach, discovering new opportunities, transforming the business and driving innovation.

The presence of RCE Banque offices in different parts of the world and a wide range of knowledge creates excellent prospects for development, based on knowledge of the conditions of the regional and international market.

Highly efficient financial solutions

Our approach brings together the world's leading managers and the best investment strategies into a diversified, adaptive and efficient portfolio aimed at achieving the goals of investors.

Our solutions allow you to quickly respond to any changes in the market without exposing your portfolio to additional risk. Fund managers monitor investment markets day and night, so they are always ready to rebalance the investor's portfolio while maintaining the desired level of its return.

The history of the fund begins with a small office and 8 people who believed in the idea of ​​creating a unique and successful investment company.

The founders began their practice by providing investment services in small but efficient companies with huge potential. We gradually opened up new areas of business in asset management and real estate operations.

Reasonable diversification

RCE Banque approach to asset allocation and diversification is based on the need to safeguard the investor's capital and ensure the maximum efficiency of the investment portfolio. We develop both universal and individual investment strategies, taking into account the most balanced distribution of assets, as well as stress testing for 1,000 or more possible scenarios to ensure the maximum likelihood of the investor's goals being realized.

A wealth of experience and knowledge

RCE Banque has a diverse and inclusive team that goes to great lengths to create highly profitable investment strategies and unique financial instruments.

Our employees have different perspectives, knowledge bases, interests and cultural identities, and can view ideas from different angles to generate competitive business intelligence and make better decisions. We understand that the symbiosis of diverse employees and inclusive cultures drives innovation and has an even greater impact on our investors, companies, shareholders, people and communities.