Today the fund cooperates with more than 45,000 investors, and the team consists of 670 employees in different offices in 17 countries of the world.

45 000





countries of the world

The history of the fund begins with a small office and 8 people who believed in the idea of ​​creating a unique and successful investment company.

The founders began their practice by providing investment services in small but efficient companies with huge potential. We gradually opened up new areas of business in asset management and real estate operations.

After 2 years, RCE Banque had over 120 employees, opening 2 new offices in the region, taking a leading role among financial advisors in attracting private investment, offering instruments such as IPO and M&A. The company is also becoming one of the leading active stock traders, acting as a bridge between local companies and foreign investors.

In an era of new opportunities, RCE Banque is actively developing, strengthening its position in the domestic market, strengthening its expertise in investment-attractive sectors of the economy (energy, agriculture, real estate, online trading), preparing for new Eurobond placements and becoming a leading investment advisor.

Today, RCE Banque is a leading global investment solutions partner dedicated to improving the financial security of people.

Our priorities

RCE Banque is an investment fund that provides unique expertise derived from global financial markets and tailored to the needs of both local and global markets. We combine the best international practices with a deep understanding of the local economic, political and cultural environment, which is the minimum prerequisite for best meeting the wishes and requirements of our investors. We are distinguished by deep knowledge of the market and the industry, a professional approach to what we love, the effectiveness of projects, in line with all the principles of our strategic positioning.

We strive to exceed investor expectations.

We adhere to exceptional standards of corporate responsibility.

We proudly support equality and diversity of ideas in the workplace.

We provide up-to-date information on global markets and trends from the best experts

Clients and partners

RCE Banque employees have significant experience in the regional and global financial markets, advising both large corporations and retail investors looking for business opportunities in different parts of the world. We also provide consulting services to clients in aspects related to personal wealth management and create customized business plans.

Our foundation actively interacts with a number of leading state-owned companies, as well as with governments. We managed to gain long-term and extensive contacts, as well as unrivaled experience of cooperation with international investment banks, institutional and industrial investors and international financial organizations.

Over the years, RCE Banque has anticipated changing market needs and created innovative business solutions to help clients meet their personal and institutional wealth management challenges. We focus on the most profitable and financially attractive industries with unlimited investment potential.