The volatility of currencies in an international portfolio can sometimes overlap the returns expected from a portfolio of underlying assets. Currencies can also represent a unique opportunity to increase the return on the client's overall portfolio, which is what every manager of our fund strives for. We offer a wide range of currency solutions aimed at increasing profitability

Undeniable leadership in the industry

As a world leader in providing currency management strategies, RCE Banque has a wide range of tools to meet the needs of investors around the world. We offer a complete set of currency management solutions, including passive, dynamic and absolutely profitable currency strategies. Our specialists offer a unique agency service for the execution of foreign exchange transactions, designed to reduce the cost of executing foreign exchange transactions, increase transparency and reduce the operational burden on clients.

Passive currency strategy

Exposure to assets denominated in currencies other than the base currency can lead to volatility. RCE Banque has been providing clients with reliable assistance in managing the risks associated with currency volatility for many years. Our specialists have accumulated significant experience in working with non-standard projects and have significantly increased the effectiveness of the developed passive currency strategy, including a set of proprietary instruments and unique opportunities to meet the individual needs of clients.

Liquidity management, timing control, counterparty credit risk, proxy hedging, attribution of results and regulatory reporting are most reliably compiled by our specialists and have been fully reviewed by leading experts.

Dynamic currency strategy

RCE Banque has a unique dynamic foreign exchange strategy to reduce risk and increase the return on investment portfolio. The strategy we created supports dynamic changes in the hedging ratio of the client's currencies and shows all the possibilities to increase the expected return and reduce the cash flow drawdown by maintaining or increasing hedging of currencies in decline, while maintaining or reducing hedging of currencies experiencing growth relative to the client's unique base currency.

Foreign exchange strategy of absolute profitability

Currency exposure offers unique opportunities to increase returns and also provides diversification benefits that can reduce risk at a portfolio-wide level. RCE Banque fund's absolute return foreign exchange strategy is not influenced by the client's base currency, therefore the resulting long / short foreign exchange positions are independent of the base foreign exchange exposure in the client's portfolio.

Agency currency trading

RCE Banque currency management strategies are supported by an agency approach to foreign exchange trading where liquidity providers compete for our order flow and we pass on the execution benefits directly to investors, including savings associated with lower bid / ask spreads, market influence and custody fees.

Our experts make every effort to successfully promote the investor's portfolio, for which we:

We reduce costs by netting transactions and trading as an agent.

We increase transparency by recording the time of each trade and showing the cost of execution.

We coordinate our developments as much as possible with the wishes of the investor

Manage risks effectively.