Since 2014, we have been a leader in the investment services industry.

For many years now, our mission has remained unchanged: to help clients achieve continuous success by developing relevant financial solutions that ensure high returns on each investment strategy. Many of our solutions are unique, combining advice, investment, technology and operations into end-to-end solutions designed to improve investor well-being and business success, make better financial decisions, and achieve their life and material goals.

Our undeniable advantages

We leverage our global reach and capabilities to benefit our customers.

We innovate as much as possible in every tool we use to succeed in the investment landscape.

Our specialists adhere to the principle of creating deliberate diversification that reduces risk and allows maintaining high portfolio returns. We deliver real value to customers in whatever diversification we strive for.

Using clear quantitative models and a structured process in our operations that help us to realistically assess the market situation and make the right decisions.

Leading position in the investment market

Our investment approach is highly competitive, long-term and differentiated. Providing long-term value to investors is one of the fund's top priorities. RCE Banque specializes in an under-explored market area, investing only in companies with transparent and understandable policies with long-term growth potential.

The foundation's philosophy combines the disciplines of value and growth. Our experts in their activities focus on undervalued, profitable, well-managed companies that are not fully understood by the wide market, but have huge growth potential. We select companies that themselves can deliver consistent and sustainable profit growth while avoiding questionable market participants.

The companies we have selected for investment have high barriers to entry, have a competitive edge, and the ability to support long-term profit growth. Investor-profitable niche businesses have a significant and growing market presence, highly qualified leadership with proven track record of shareholder value creation, and strong corporate governance.

Our priorities and principles

High requirements for their activities

We operate on the principles of openness, honesty, innovation, collaboration and balance between life and work. They enable us to see trends clearly, challenge conventions and age-old practices, and develop end-to-end solutions to help our clients succeed.

An innovative approach to problem solving

Innovation is an integral part of our policy and it starts with culture and mentality. Our values ​​are at the heart of this inventive spirit. They help us focus on the right things so that we can best serve our clients.

Variety of ideas and thinking

The fund's management values ​​each employee and respects the professional opinion of all project participants. We gladly accept a variety of ideas, thought processes, experiences and perspectives.

Safe and secure investment
Our fund strives to provide strong and stable long-term investment results through professional risk management. Investing in relatively low-risk and high-quality assets allows us to achieve the desired return for our investors.
The pleasure of doing what you love
All RCE Banque specialists are true fans of their profession and direction. We are engaged in projects with particular interest, we consider interesting situations together, immersing ourselves as much as possible in the workflow and subtleties of cases.