Developing an asset allocation policy, shaping an asset class structure, conducting research, and selecting investment managers are tremendous efforts. However, even they are not always justified. The most innovative investment ideas may not bring the desired results if they are poorly implemented.

A well-planned migration strategy can help you:

Minimize unnecessary costs

Reduce risks

Reduce administrative burden

Maintain accountability

Benefits of managing the transition with RCE Banque

  • We use quantitative asset management techniques to focus on market relations, portfolio structure and trading performance in a short but critical period of portfolio restructuring.
  • RCE Banque specialists have sufficient experience and knowledge to help clients manage their risks and maintain the value of investments during the period of portfolio restructuring.
  • We have developed our own approach to cooperation with investors. It is based on transparency, alignment of interests, and maximizing risk-adjusted efficiency over short or long periods of change.

We Deliver Unparalleled Transition Management Benefits

  • RCE Banque, as an investment manager, provides full fiduciary oversight that fully meets the needs of our clients. We also monitor and manage the process, which ensures full accountability to our clients.
  • We cooperate with several venues at once, which provides access to liquidity for both buying and selling, as well as the ability to search for the best global execution in real time. We excel in global asset restructuring and can apply this experience even to simple events.
  • Our approach ensures complete independence. We have no undisclosed sources of income - we are completely transparent to our clients and partners. On your behalf, we seek the best solutions with fewer conflicts of interest than other business models.
  • Short term transition projects require significant resources. We take on the role of project manager and risk manager, becoming your full-fledged employee. With RCE Banque, you get a professional with years of experience and extensive resources to bring your event to a successful conclusion.

We have developed a fully customer-centric service model

RCE Banque assigns each client a personal portfolio manager to guide them through a difficult and risky period of change. We ensure daily interaction with the manager and regular accountability.

RCE Banque customers receive reliable reporting and information sharing, including customizable daily updates, post-transition reports, transaction and attribution reports, as well as all required regulatory and board reports.

Our unique business model, customer-centric approach and experienced team ensure a more reliable operation and better results for your transition.