Many investors seek more control over investment decisions and therefore internalize portions of their portfolios. This poses a number of challenges, most notably the costs of building a global trade capacity with scale and reach. However, dealing with limited or local counterparties does not provide the same quality of execution or risk management that investors require.

Trade and Execution with RCE Banque

We know how important it is to combine reliable performance with a win-win investment strategy. Our experienced team of traders offers flexible, customer-focused solutions using the latest technology advances to find liquidity pools. They reduce transaction costs and manage risk.

Our global execution services can help you optimize your trading by expanding your trading infrastructure.

Assets are traded using an agency approach during global market hours with one of the broadest set of trading counterparties.

Our approach will allow you to achieve the best prices with natural liquidity with a team of traders who understand the nuances of portfolio trading and risk exposure.

You get the ability to trade on demand with no costs or operating costs.

Benefits of Trading and Execution with RCE Banque

The quality of performance increases

Our partnership with an external execution platform improves execution quality through more dealership relationships, aggregation of order flow, increased intersection opportunities and the use of advanced technology to generate liquidity on both the seller and the buy side.

Increased productivity

Improving the quality of execution directly affects performance, while removing the trading load and managing counterparties. This allows portfolio managers to focus on portfolio building and customer engagement.

Reduced fixed cost

With outsourcing, you automatically cut costs and increase profitability. This will allow you to be more competitive and reap more benefits.

Leveraging market flexibility
Outsourcing provides maximum flexibility with liquidity tools for portfolio compilation. Having an implementation partner with global capabilities adds flexibility to the investment process and increases the efficiency of its implementation.

How RCE Banque Delivers These Benefits?

Our main goal is to provide clients with optimal executive solutions to increase profits. We use the latest technological advances to find liquidity, reduce transaction costs and manage risk. Our experienced and competent team of traders offers flexible, customer-focused solutions. Together we can meet all of your performance, cost, technology, risk and regulatory needs.