We help non-profit organizations achieve their investment goals through investment outsourcing.

Investment outsourcing is known by various names, including fiduciary management, external investment management, etc. There are as many models by which clients are served as there are names of this service. The most common investment outsourcing model includes asset allocation, manager selection, and portfolio monitoring.

RCE Investment helps nonprofits secure their financial future. To do this, we provide strategic guidance on asset allocation and management structure, and then apply those guidance by selecting, tracking and managing products designed to meet profit and cost goals. We also complement investment services with administrative support to help nonprofits focus more on their mission rather than paperwork and reporting.

Our cooperation with you will consist in creating an investment strategy. The process of implementing and managing this strategy consists of three stages.

Defining goals
At this stage, we fully focus on your investment goals.
RCE Investment works with your team to determine the strategic asset allocation for your investment program based on your organisation's goals, return goals, spending policy, risk tolerance and liquidity needs.
Portfolio compilation
We create a portfolio designed with all the specifics of your organization in mind.
After we receive a ready-made portfolio, we will need to fill it with suitable assets. These will be a diverse set of investment instruments from different asset classes and investment styles.
We provide dynamic access to advanced features.
After your portfolio is fully formed, we will regularly assess the changing market environment and adapt this portfolio to it. Rebalancing is carried out as needed, most often for non-profit organizations it is carried out once a quarter.
The RCE Investment portfolio management team, as your investment portfolio is formed and dynamically managed, will carry out the following:
  • Include investment strategies that can generate additional returns
  • Avoid risks that entail loss of capital
  • Monitor changes in the market situation, the effectiveness of concluded deals and portfolio rebalancing.
During its work, RCE Investment has formed its own approach to managing portfolios of non-profit organizations.
We provide customized solutions to enable you:
  • Focus on the strategic decisions that drive the bulk of your portfolio's return.
  • Benefit from day-to-day portfolio management by reducing the need to spend time reviewing past results for quarterly meetings.
  • Ensure that short term market shifts are manageable, tracked, and mitigated in real time.
  • Get rid of non-investment issues such as reporting, administration, auditing and accounting.
Our end-to-end solution is based on management research, a global team of investment professionals, in-house implementation and administration expertise, and our willingness to act as a co-op for your assets. We work to help you reduce your risks and increase your income.