We are always looking for potential for growth and scaling, choosing talented and creative partners with whom we will gladly share our victories.

We are actively involved in the development and promotion of the fund, entering new markets and attracting funding from various sources.

Regardless of the location of our employees, their desire is universal - to help improve the financial situation of investors by the right direction of capital and the development of their business. Our team adheres to the policy and principles of the company day after day, defending the interests of investors and small businesses, maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit in each client and achieving the results necessary to successfully expand the investment horizon of our clients.

Anne Lewis


Patrick Kelly

Managing director,
business sale, M&A

Kevin Sweitser

Managing director,
manufacturing sector and
the property

Mark Rivera

Head of department
capital development

Julia Veratti

Sales Manager
and work with clients

Antonio Grossman

Head of department
risk management

Larry Maurice

Team leader
provision of tax