As a global asset manager, we have responsibilities that go beyond short-term financial gain. We are able to make a difference in a much broader context, channeling capital into work, positively influencing society to move towards a more sustainable future.

Caring for tomorrow

The focus of best practice in sustainable development is constantly evolving to adapt to the state of the global and regional economies. Our fund continues to adapt investment strategies to suit the changing global landscape. Our investors can rest assured that your capital remains invested in the latest sustainability strategies that offer the best financial investment solutions.

Maximum integration

Each of our employees understands and is of the opinion that responsible investing is wise investment. Therefore, RCE Banque is committed to a policy of responsible investment and the full integration of ESG principles into our investment approach. This ensures that our investment professionals are responsible for considering environmental, social and governance considerations in every investment transaction we conduct.

A non-standard approach to traditional tasks

RCE Banque investment approach goes beyond standard exceptions to identify the characteristics of assets that are most important to individual investments and the portfolio as a whole. The focus is on sustainable risks, as well as significant factors affecting the investment goals of each investor separately. As a result, our managers quickly change unwanted characteristics, adapting them to the specifics of each project.

Productive offers

Our investment strategies are the tangible result of many years of work by the best experts in the industry and a modern approach to investing. We have identified and identified the most profitable responsible investing strategies to meet the varied needs of clients across a wide range of asset classes.

Responsible investment services

RCE Banque provides unique investment services to clients around the world, taking into account the personal requirements of each for responsible investing within their investment portfolios.

Unique developments of the fund

The pursuit of a specific portfolio result is an incentive for our managers to realize their full potential. Our team actively and closely works with investors to implement targeted investment strategies such as decarbonisation or social capital.

Profitable investment

RCE Banque is actively working to create more optimal responsible investment portfolios, such as portfolios that include a provision for higher ESG tangibles.

Careful selection of potentially profitable investments

RCE Banque uses negative screens and portfolio exemptions in line with client objectives, such as excluding companies involved in the production of hazardous products or fossil fuels. Constraint decisions are the starting point in defining the initial investment space for our strategies. Constraint criteria often deal with widely discussed topics and are central to determining the direction for investment.