We are always developing and developing new strategies. This allows us to offer you best practices in strategy building, investment and implementation of plans.

Now you can free yourself from your routine. Maintain control over what is important to you, and delegate the rest to our specialists.

Drawing up and following defined contribution plans can be a drain on limited resources. In particular, this is driven by factors such as regulatory compliance with defined contributions, restructuring of the plan, oversight of investment managers, registrars, trustees, etc. Outsourcing can be a solution to this problem.

By engaging RCE Banque as a co-trustee, you get the following benefits:

Establishing a defined contribution plan

Investment manager search and day-to-day management

Communication with participants

Search and control of the registrar

We develop innovative defined contribution solutions to improve customer outcomes.

RCE Banque focuses on working out the smallest details of defined contribution plans. This allows for a combination of default investments for members who wish to delegate control and monitoring of their portfolios to professionals. We also have investment options for those clients who prefer to take a more active part in portfolio control.

We conditionally divided investors into three categories, each of which we can offer the most relevant options.

General plan management
20% -30% of the total number of investors

This category includes clients who prefer to be involved in the development and management of their own portfolios. But at the same time, they want a specialist to provide them with well thought out investment options. For these clients, a well thought out investment strategy is key. We offer a range of powerful tools that you can use to build your portfolio.

Full transfer of plan management to RCE Banque employees
60% -80% of the total number of investors

These clients place their full trust in professionals in design, management, portfolio asset allocation and consulting. For them, we offer personalized accounts or funds with a target date of payment. They are well suited for do it for me investors.

2% -10% of the total number of investors

These are clients looking for complete flexibility to design, manage and build their own portfolios. For these investors, their own brokerage account provides access to the range of investments they want to leverage to achieve their goals.

Retirement Plan Solutions

Personalized accounts
Personalized retirement accounts offer a personalized investment approach. It is an innovative managed account solution that has been designed to increase the likelihood of meeting retirement income goals.
The main benefit of personalized invoices is an individually optimized way of asset allocation, which can be changed quarterly depending on the unique goals of each client. The broadly diversified asset allocation is based on existing portfolio options and takes into account the client's unique financial position and personal experience in the market.
Individual portfolios
Each defined contribution plan is different, but we have found that investors value well-designed core portfolios that combine a variety of risk options and potential returns while maintaining easy-to-understand investment options. RCE Banque offers a wide variety of diversified portfolios with multiple instruments. Experts select both traditional asset classes and alternative ones to improve the efficiency of the investment strategy.

Investing in multiple assets

Investing in multiple assets involves the inclusion of risks associated with a globally diverse mix of asset classes. Also, this type of investment uses dynamic risk management to exploit short-term market opportunities for profitability. Our approach to investing in multiple assets allows for more flexibility in adapting the portfolio to short-term market changes and maintaining the potential for long-term return.

This strategic approach is designed to maximize profits and reduce risk. It requires the skills of a team of professionals, dedicated and experienced in investing. Investing in multiple assets is an integral part of RCE Banque solutions.