Privacy statement

1. The company accepts and stores the personal data of the Client in accordance with the legislation on data protection and in the field combating money laundering. The Client hereby agrees that the Company has the right store, process and use the personal data of the Client in order to fulfill their obligations under of this Agreement, including for regulating relations with the Client, maintaining the Client's Trading Account, reimbursement of amounts payable, consideration of the Client's applications, implementation of risk assessment, compliance regulatory requirements, analysis and product improvement.

2. The Client hereby expresses his consent to the disclosure of information in the event of:

2.1. Within the framework of this Policy;

2.2. Required by law or ordered by a competent court;

2.3. Relevant authorities in the interests of investigating or preventing fraud, money laundering proceeds of crime or other illegal activities;

2.4. Credit history and fraud prevention agencies, third party service providers authentication, banks and other financial institutions for credit verification, fraud prevention, for anti-money laundering, identification or due diligence of the Client. To this end, they may check the Client's data in any database (government or other) to which they have access. They may also use the Client's data in the future to help other companies with similar checks. The company keeps a log of requests As well as other service providers who create, maintain or promote databases (electronic or otherwise), offer office services, messaging services e-mail, messaging or similar services that are aimed at assisting the Company in collection, storage, processing and use of the Client's information or help to contact the Client or improve provision of services under this Agreement

3. The Client hereby agrees that the Company and agents acting on behalf of the Company, performing credit checks and checks to establish the identity of the Client, including checks to prevent money laundering, regulatory compliance and fraud prevention checks, which, in the opinion of the Company, are necessary or desirable, including a request for the provision of certificates from the Client's bank or other credit institution. The client hereby agrees that any third party mentioned in this article may provide any information about the Client to the Company and other organizations involved in the provision of credit information, fraud prevention and / or committing a crime and / or money laundering, for other similar purposes or with the intent to cover relevant debt.

4. The Client hereby grants the Company the authority to contact the Client by e-mail, telephone or mail in order to provide the Client with information about the products and services provided by the Company. The client expresses its consent that the Company has the right to use the Client's data for this purpose during the period when the Client has opened an Account with the Company after the Account is closed.

5. If the interests of the Client are represented by a Representative, the Client agrees that the Company has the right to exchange information with such a Representative in order to ensure the fulfillment of obligations to By the Company provided for by this Agreement. This may include, among other things, the disclosure of personal data The Client and his financial information, information about the Client's application, about trading activities on the Account and / or image the Client's actions in working with the Account and / or the Client's use of the Company's devices (including when the use of the Company's training tools and trading simulation systems by the Client). If the Client does not wish more to transfer such information to the Company, he must send a notification about this to the address of the Company.

6. The client hereby agrees that the Company has the right to keep the history of correspondence with By the Customer, track (as well as store) all emails and emails sent Company or Company. All such records are the property of the Company and can be used By the Company, among other things, in the event of a dispute between the Client and the Company or for educational purposes. Telephone conversations between the Client and the Company may be recorded and stored by the Company. Hereby Customer declares that these records are the property of the Company and acknowledges that such records constitute irrefutable evidence of orders or conversations recorded in this way.